All Change

So this morning I posted about my depression and my unmotivated self, which was inspired by the best one, as she is into her blogging,  but also we had a discussion that I need to focus on something and really do something for myself. Something I want.

I'd been toying with the idea of going back into education so I can get into Social work/Nursing or Midwifery (like I said I don't know exactly what my chosen career path is yet, but its a step in the direction) so I spent all afternoon and early evening looking at local Access to Higher Education courses, I found something suitable and can easily start in time after school drop off too.

Although I have to wait for them to email me back within 3 days, and then there will be more formal and causal interviews to secure a place, I'm feeling determined to do it. I think I need it.

Hubby is fully in support, he has been telling me to do something I want to do for years. Hopefully now I will.